Posts from August 2014

On The Set With Cora Bissett

If asked to summarize Cora Bisset’s Roadkill, I’d pick something along the lines of provocative, shattering, and tragic. However, after reading Roadkill prior to our[…]

Long Live the Fringe

We are in the midst of our last performances of Forget Fire, and it is impossible not to feel nostalgic. This show has been rewarding[…]

The Military Tattoo

As an American, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that my expectations were a bit off. I definitely pictured strong men and women in the[…]

Living the Dream

I climbed New Arthur’s Seat the other day. As I sat on a rock overlooking the city and writing in my journal I couldn’t help[…]

Enlightenment in Exhaustion

Everyday is the same, yet everyday is different; nothing is new, yet so many things have changed; you’ve reached the point where routine becomes so[…]

Scratch Performances for Creative Scotland

Theatre can happen anywhere, anytime, and in any form. Today during the final presentations for the Contemporary Scottish Theatre class, I found this to be[…]

Not A Review – with @PeterArnottGlas, @CoraBissett, @Scuffette, @janisjoplinshow, @MarkFFisher + more

The company asked me to contribute a blog post sometime in the week that we opened. I spend so much of my time as producer[…]