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The Journey to Scotland

February 24, 2017 was the start to one of the most transformative weeks of my life: the weeks leading up to this date being equally[…]

Let it be this time

Let it be this time. It was a year ago today, February 25, 2017, I was on my way back to Scotland for spring break[…]

On the Origin of Pieces

Hello folks!  Here we are again, I’m on the plane to LA and it’s time to hand over the Pepperdine Scotland blog from one biennial[…]

That’s A Wrap!

That’s A Wrap!  written by Nicholas Connolly  photography by Brit Rivera Our Scotland experience is at its end and we are all home. It feels[…]

Couldn’t Say It – A Company Member’s Story

Couldn’t Say It  A Company Member’s Story It feels odd for me to write these words down. I guess it’s because I have to admit[…]

Our 70 Minutes

Our 70 Minuteswritten by Alexandria Rose Garrettphotography by Brittney Lucy There are 1440 minutes in a day. I could easily list 1440 things that I[…]

Call for Call ( with reference to @ColinHattersley, @PaulaDunn #TheRoseyProject, @RCCGlasgow, @RapeCrisisScot)

Call for Callwritten by Melanie Allenphotography by Colin Hattersley & Brittney Lucy                             […]


Teamworkwritten by Parker Johnson photography by Brittney Lucy As we enter our last three weeks in Scotland, I think about how I have learned much[…]

Calling All Women

CALLING ALL WOMEN written by Brittany King photography by Brittney Lucy   Strong, beautiful, broken women, We live in a society where men have more[…]

The Change in Me

The Change in Me written by Kate Klimist The journey here has been one that I have anticipated and hoped for since before my first[…]

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